you guys still there?

(( sort of ))

(( before I disappear again I wanted to say that missingrachetricotee, and moss-piglets are the winners of the exile plushie giveaway!!!

thanks to everyone who entered

I was planning to announce this after I got the things in the mail but finding small boxes is surprisingly REALLY HARD ))

hey guys merry christmas!! ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ

instead of drawing something for this holiday I figured I’d give you some plushies that I made!!!! they’re all handsewn and made of felt and they’re roughly 5-6 inches tall.

I wish I could give all 1000+ of you plushies, but I can only give them to three people, so let’s do a giveaway to decide.

there will be three winners! the first winner gets to pick which exile plushie they want out of the three, the second winner get to pick from the two remaining plushies, and the third winner gets the last remaining plushie!!

now here are some rules

  • reblog and like ONCE please because seeing a post multiple times on your dash can get annoying and we don’t want to annoy anyone. and no giveaway blogs that’s just dumb.
  • you need to have your askbox open so I can contact you if you win!! you’ll have only 24 hours to respond, or I’ll have to pick another winner.
  • I’ll ship anywhere so no worries
  • this giveaway will end on JANUARY THIRD!! that gives you a little over a week to enter and I’ll announce the winners shortly after it ends.

have fun!! (*´∀`*) and happy holidays!!!!!

Admin: Who is your favourite exile?

((also sorry I haven’t answered anything in a while UmU answering asks is hard when I have so much school work to do))

(( the way you draw the exiles is so cute! ))

(( thank you! ))

(also without text)

She wished me good luck.

She wished me good luck.